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A digipak is a style of package for CD's for artists' singles/albums. There're commonly plastic trays located within the Digipak in order to be able to hold a CD. Particularly in the 2000's, Digipaks were in its most popular phase. In my opinion, I feel as though Digipak's offers something with generic CD's doesn't: exclusivity. This is because it isn't the usual way that CD's are released in today's society. So, the fact that it's different makes it feel much more exclusive when the consumers purchase the albums.

                                       -Iconic Head-shots-
The iconic head shot is to give the audience an obvious look at who the artist. This is a headshot of Rihanna and it's just a clear indicator to her fan base that this is her album.

 - Graphic design-
A digipak that consists of graphic design usually is just a creation to do with the artists name or an actual illustration of their names meaning. E.g. The XX here, their albums are the letter 'X' and they show their audience who they are and its iconic to them, so it's easily recognisable.

                                               - Iconic image-
An iconic image is literally self-self-explanatory, it's an image of said band/artist and it shows the band/artist(s) on the cover and becomes an iconic image as every cover is original and unique to each band.

- Christina Aguilera

Establishes her name for those potential new fans who don't know of her.
Her trademark is red lipstick which co-ordinates with the colour choice of her name, keeping the theme consistent. The white background allows the iconic head-shot of the artist to stand out more and be the focal point of the cover. There's a warning for parental advisory, which implies there's explicit content within the CD

This album may represent how Aguilera feels about herself having two sides, perhaps her human side and her mechanical side that just produces the music. The machinery could also mean that there's a cross over with genre's, with more modern genre's like electro or house music.

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