Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Music Videos Benefits

Music videos have been present since as early as 1894. Over time, music video's have managed to stay with the same consistent goal and objective, which is to help with the idea of promotion for songs within the music industry.

Within the current time period of 2016, music videos have been seen as a way for a musician to try and almost impress the mass audience and public with not just their singing talents, but their other talents in which they display within their videos. A company which decided to take much control and advantage of the idea of music videos was MTV (Music Television Videos) as they were the conglomerate music entertainment industry that monopolised the standards of how future music videos should try and out-do eachother. 

A further purpose of music videos and how they're beneficial would be that they are beneficial towards the artist and their record labels. This is because it brings in and generates revenue for the artist and their record labels due to them being promoted to the mass audience. This can be done through controversy within the music video or, outstanding performance throughout. 

There're a variety of different ways in which music videos are promoted. In today's society, this is simply done through the process of social media sites such as; Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and the internet. Also, televised music channels are also essential as it is another chance for an artist to gain further publicity and promotion. Many believe that the term 'music video's' simply means a music video accompanying a song. However, this isn't necessarily the case. With the inclusion of chat shows and live studio performances, this also counts as a music video. 

Conclusively, music videos are used to reflect the lyrical narrative of the music. Music videos are ideally beneficial for an artist and a record company simply for promotion, marketing purposes and for chances for an artist to display their extended talents apart from singing.

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