Monday, 6 March 2017

New Digipak

This is my new Digipak design for my artist Liam. B . My Digipak obviously consists of a front cover, track-list, and a CD. However, as I explained in my Digipak analysis for Eminem, there was no extra content provided in Digipaks, so to make it all the more appealing to me audience I am including a lyrics book to all of his songs with signed posters and a second CD which includes special interviews and behind the scenes footage for those die hard fans.

Again, because of my research, I felt that simplicity was best in this case and kept colours quite simple too. Except the red is there to compliment the shades of black and white as they work amazing together as a trio of colours. The red should stand out on a shelf and attract the consumer like a moth to a flame and the mid shot of the artist gives the audience a clear shot of who the artist is. I really like how this turned out and the housing style of a forest at 3 am is relevant for the music video and song name as that's the hit single in this album.

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