Monday, 6 March 2017

Evaluation 4

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

 Audience feedback is really important in order to find out what the audience liked and disliked and their expectations are based upon the media product to show to them. It is more important than you think as it helped me improve my digipak and advert as well as my music video. As you are the only person who sees your imagination , sometimes your own visual ideas aren't exactly what they are to other people, so their feedback allows you to remember your ides aren't majority and/or appealing to the target audience always, so feedback is essential;. The feedback given to us was from our class mates and our teachers and this was actually very effective as the target audience for out videos were our classmates as well as our teachers, so to get their opinion to change or alter or keep what worked well drastically impacted the outcome.

My feedback was positive as well as negative and this really outlined that it is important to create what audiences want but you have to go with majority over minority for success. The positive feedback helped me understand what we were doing well and what we should do more of. The negative feedback helped me understand what we need to do or what we need to improve on, and what isn't exactly working well, thus allowing me to improve the products and make them up to the expectation of the majority, which in this case was my class mates. With the majority on my side, it'll prove success and sales which in the media industry is key.

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