Monday, 6 March 2017

Evaluation 1

How did you use media technologies in this construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

There was many types of media technologies which I used in order to produce my music video for this project. Technology helped me with the research, planning, construction and even the evaluation as without the use of software like word or even the internet, this would not be here..

As part of the planning I had to create storyboards to obviously portray my vision for my music video and to show the basic idea of what i had in mind in a particular sequence or style etc. With the help of technology, I was able to create an 'animatic' which is basically when you put together all your thumbnails from your storyboard and then put them into a video creating software to make it a video. The software i used was 'Final Cut Pro' and with this software i was able to add the thumbnails and music together and see what should go where, what works well and the rough narrative i wish to show. This was through my use of the iMac's we have at school which is another technological advantage to help me create this project.

The internet's biggest social media website for streaming video's is YouTube and i used this platform when researching music videos, if that'd be explicit, or uncut or even to see if other students have created similar videos or had great ideas to inspire me helped very much. It was at the stage of working alone that i realised that the style for in my video was very rare and only dominated by the artist Eminem and it was only because of technical sites like YouTube or twitter where i could find fan bases to help with ideas.
The internet is also full of information and it's i got all my research for my Digipak's evaluations, conventional digipak's and inspiration for my own. The internet also allowed me to travel back in time to see the biggest Digipak's and what made them successful. The Digipak itself was created via Adobe Photoshop along with my Magazine poster, where i also got all my social media link logos' from.

When constructing the music video, all my filming was done by the use of DSLR Cameras and persoanlly i managed to apply all my previous knowledge of the technology from last year's project as well as skills I learned throughout other subjects like photography and graphic design, however, I still learnt new things while filming because the cameras used in my video weren't the same as the ones i would use for photography so to figure out and learn how to change shutter speed or ISO settings were challenging until I figured it out or looked at tutorials on YouTube. The SD cards used in the cameras were directly compatible with the iMac's at school so the transfer of footage was easy and then the uploading of footage from the Mac to Final Cut Pro was as simple as drag and drop. When it came to editing i used a lot of previous knowledge again to aid me in effects and transitions and this was all provided by one single application. Because the Mac's were up to date with the latest software's, i was able to produce high quality videos with amazing resolutions and frame rating, which ran at a minimum of 30 FPS (frames per second) which creates a smooth video.

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