Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Shoot One

Today we began shooting our music video for 'Love In The Dark' by 'Jazmine'. So myself, Tyrell and Jazmine managed to get hold of a dark lit room with access to spotlights, in our schools drama department which allowed us to control any lighting to suit our needs. Today we shot Jazmine doing miming/singing to the track and we did this with multiple takes with different camera shots and angles such as canted, low and high shots, with close ups on her face and mid shots so that we would have a lot to work with when editing happens for the music video. The stage lights worked highly effectively as we could use this to manipulate how dark and how light some of the scenes would look which was an advantage. Tyrell and I both filmed on our cameras. Throughout research we found that the use of a dolly was popular as it revolves around the pop-star, so we applied the same principle in our first shoot.

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