Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Narrative Change

After checking and evaluating the narrative of the previous song for our music video 'Hurt' we found that the narrative would essentially be much harder to convey and show through the silhouette scenes and just in general as Jazmine is our only experienced actress/dancer who would be able to portray what we image and she couldn't display the message of her being a child with a broken relationship alone; It simply was too time consuming to try and audition people to help perform in front of the silhouette background, who would be adequate and reliable. So, by changing the song for our music video to 'Love In The Dark', we felt as the narrative of a heartbreak and a break up would be easier to portray with the resources and cast we have.The new narrative for the new music video will revolve around this through the silhouette scenes as Jazmine will be in front of symbolic imagery related to a heartbreak in terms of images of broken love heats, her throwing a hear locket that is given to her by her ex-boyfriend to the floor and other related symbolic imagery of a breakup. The video will still feature Jazmine performing her contemporary dance routine along with miming.

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