Monday, 7 November 2016

Digipak Design

This is my final product for the Digipak design I have created for Jazmin's new album. This Digipak contains: the album cover, album track listing, lyrics book, photo gallery and signed posters as well as the CD of the album and a bonus DVD content which shows the album making process and a special interview with Jazmine herself as she lets her fans know how she does it! After receiving feedback from the previous Digipak I designed, I took it upon myself to act on the feedback which was a change of font from calligraphy to simpler font styles and just clean up any rough edges.

The left panel concludes of Jazmine's actual music CD and the panel to the right is the signed photos and posters.

↖ The panel to the bottom left is the lyrics book as evidently presented and the panel to the bottom right is the front cover.↗
Also, the top middle panel is the bonus DVD and the bottom middle panel is the track-listing,
This is the correct format for the Digipak to be set out.

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